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KHBC Transition Team

Information, Activity and Updates

The purpose of this site is to keep our congregation apprised of the on-going activities of Your Transition Team.



The Team meets every Sunday for an allotted time of 1 ½ hours. The meetings commenced on February 9, 2020.


Phase I - Heritage

The first focus point in the Intentional Interium Ministry (IIM) process was Heritage. The Team was tasked with documenting a compendium history of KHBC, and to gather information from our congregation on their impressions, perspectives and recommendations in the aspects of the church.


KHBC History

A comprehensive,  albeit condensed, document was drafted by the Team of the history of KHBC from it's inception as First Baptist in 1972 to current day KHBC including its historical timeline.  To view and read the history,  Click>>


Congregational Survey

On April 28,2020 the Phase I Survey was distributed to 81 congregants. A total of 54 congregants participated in completing the survey.   The responses to the survey will contribute to the formulation of our vision and path ahead.

There are two variations of questions, one for members and the other for non-members. Pages 1 - 14 of the survey results reflect member responses. Page 15-25 reflect non-member responses.   To view/read the survey results, click here>>


Phase II - Mission

The "Mission" phase of IIM focused on defining the KHBC's core values,  its mission statement, and the mission and outreach projects actively in-place.


On June 12, a survey was sent out to all members requesting their vote on one of three crafted Mission Statements. 

To view the results, click here>>> 

The Team completed Phase II - Missions on July 18 with the drafting of the "Missions" document delineating the Mission Statement, Core Values, and a comprehensive cataloging of all Outreach projects .

To view/read the "Missions" document, click here>>>


Phase III - Leadership

The "Leadership" phase of IIM focused on reviewing  the KHBC Constitution and Bylaws ensuring their currency and alignment with what is being practiced. After an in-depth review process, a Change Recommendation document was drafted delineating changes to bring the Bylaws to currency. The document was presented to the Board of Deacons for their consideration and action.


Phase IV - Connections

The "Connections" phase of IIM focused on crafting a document on who KHBC is from the perspective of our congregational makeup, our denominational identity, our affiliations and connections with and to Baptist aligned associations to include SBC, NCSBC, and Chowan Baptist Assoc., and our connections within the local community. To view the completed document click here>>>


On October 3, 2020, the Congregational Survey on Connections was distributed to members and regularly attending non-members. There were two topical aspects to the Survey: 1 the Church’s beliefs and their importance as a Christian to each congregant and 2 the congregant’s awareness and the importance of our community and denominational connections. To view the survey results click here>>

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